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Elimination                 Eruptive Change            Underworld              Power         Buried/repressed emotion                Scorpio

Human reproduction               Purging                       Sly                           Critical                     Secretive             - Water

Cruel                Intense             Refining                      Catharsis            Regeneration                   Fixed

Deep            Focused            Concentration                       Penetrating                  Transformative                        Dark red

Regenerative                Rebirth             Destruction            Beginnings and endings           8th House

Sex       Birth            Death            Taxes                Transformation                       ‘Phoenix from the ashes…’

Psychology            Psychoanalysis,            Freud (especially!)            Powerplays            Paranoia            Obsession

Survival              Crisis                Taboos             Hidden, buried things             Secrets              Riches

Power            Control            Endings           Waste              Destruction             Metamorphosis


Hades, God of the Underworld


Mines, caverns             Volcanoes, eruptions              Dark glasses, blinds…                       Pluto-Lowell

The atom, atomic energy, the atom bomb               Sewers                          Mafia, gangsters

Pluto from Greek ‘wealth’ or ‘riches’            Cesspits                        Sewage treatment facilities            Drains


Detective, researcher, pathologist, undertaker, psychologist,

Plutocracy (those with huge wealth), psychotherapists, miners, underworld crime, gang culture, secret organisations e.g. Illuminati, Masons, secret police, CIA, MI5/6, KGB. Sewage workers, potholers, archaeologists, palaeontologists, anthropologists.


Genitalia, reproductive system, gonads, boils, abscesses, defaecation, sexual conditions


Scorpion (eagle), crow, snake, salamander, phoenix?????  

Poisonous insects, insects in general (Rulership Book, Rex Bills)



Ivy, oak, fig tree, pomegranate?                                                              Colour – dark red, maroon


Plutonium, oil, obsidian (formed of volcanic debris)


Positive  Beginnings & endings, Deep-working, Eliminative, purgative, cleansing, Out-bringing, Regenerative, Revealing, Passionate, Primal, earthy, Force for healing, Wisdom born out of difficulty                                             

Negative  Paranoid, Ruthless, obsessive, Violent, Cataclysms, Controlling, Eruptive, Dark, savage, Forcefully re-forming, Threatening, Underground activity,

Sources – Parkers’ Astrology, FAS Course notes, Rulership Book, Rex Bills; The Modern Textbook of Astrology, Margaret Hone




  • Pluto, from The Planets series, by Dana Gerhardt in The Mountain Astrologer, Issue #134, Aug/Sept 2007.